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Soul Alignment Coaching


Soul Alignment Coaching/Soul Purpose Coaching

What is Soul Alignment Coaching? This is a specialised form of spiritual coaching designed at particularly aligning with your Soul Purpose. The goal of this type of coaching is to reach our true and highest potential not anything that society, family or friends have as the goal for us.

How does it work? Soul Alignment Coaching starts with a Soul Plan Reading to establish your worldly, spiritual and overall goals at Soul Level.  Following your Soul Plan Reading then we start the coaching process to align with your own individual soul purpose.

Alongside coaching I utilise a blend of many modalities that I have studied to encourage you to truthfully explore your life, heal and release the challenges and blockages from your Soul Plan these techniques can include EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Energy healing such Chakra Balancing, Cord clearing & releasing, Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditations and many other techniques.

How Many Sessions will it take? It takes a minimum of 5 sessions including your Soul Plan session;

  1. Initial Soul Plan Session
  2. Goal Alignment  Planning and Coaching
  3. Challenge and Blockage Exploration and Healing (further sessions can be scheduled if required based on individual circumstances)
  4. Coaching Session (several sessions may be required depending Soul Goal(s))
  5. Follow up Session

Further follow up sessions can be scheduled

Several sessions may be beneficial and homework is expected with ongoing coaching packages. A series of sessions usually focus’ upon a single desired outcome, determined by you and your Soul Plan at the onset.



Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a session

  • This depends on which session it is. For the Soul Plan Session then read FAQ in Soul Plan Reading,

How Long Does A Session Take?

  • Individual Sessions last approximately ONE HOUR with the exception of the follow-up which can be as short at 15 minutes.


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