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Soul Plan Reading - Life Purpose Guidance from your Soul

A Soul Plan Reading helps guide you to align and acheive your soul purpose.

How can Soul Plan help?

Using an ancient transformational, healing system of life purpose guidance from your soul it helps to answer the question "Why Am I Here". By bringing awareness and understanding to:

your life challenges

your natural gifts

your life goals for your soul perspective

So that you can achieve highest potential in life - your soul destiny.

Soul Plan is an ancient channelled system based on the  unique sound vibration of our birth name. It is this vibration that interacts with that of the universe to bring forth people, opportunities, and situations which enable you to fulfil the call from from your soul to achieve your soul purpose.

Soul Plan Reading for Life Purpose Guidance

In the absence of knowing our soul plan, we are rather like a boat adrift on an ocean without someone at the helm to navigate away from the rocks and choppy water, hoping for the best. With soul knowledge we have a map and compass to guide us in the direction of true fulfilment.

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(75 minute session £97)

Many clients experience 'aha' moments 

Many of my clients experience ‘aha’ moments and say “that explains so much why my life has been the way it has” due to the accuracy of the readings. The empowerment and clarity provided at a deep level from having a reading is transformational and healing in itself but additionally my sessions include a Soul Plan Clearing/Healing as well as guidance into making changes to align with soul purpose.


anyone who would like to understand where they have been and why, and where they are going.... book to see Anita. You will be amazed.

Both the Soul Plan Reading and EFT have really helped me with my focus at work and at home so much so that people around me have seen the difference it has made to me and have made bookings for themselves.

For anyone who would like to understand where they have been and why, and where they are going and why, book to see Anita and let her do her stuff. You will be amazed.

Tim Clark

The entire soul plan reading had immense impact - I felt deeply held through the entire session

Before the reading I was going through a very difficult time, deeply questioning my choice of study, full of anxiety and self doubt.

The entire soul plan reading had immense impact. The reading helped me to understand where I am coming from, to gain clarity in my life and in myself. It helped me to focus my true feelings/intuitions, which I had been avoiding, and pointed out behaviours that were getting in my way.

I felt deeply held through the entire session, moved and healed by the warmth of communication. A truly grounding, cleansing experience that had lead to major breakthrough and continued stability.

(Soul Plan Reading via Skype/Zoom)

Wished to remain anonymous

I felt so comfortable with Anita, the reading was a very gentle yet strong, beautiful, genuine experience

I had already done some research myself but wanted a full reading with a trained person and chose Anita. After the reading I felt simply wonderful...it was a very gentle yet strong, beautiful, genuine experience. Having the actual reading with another, made it more complete and real for me. I felt seen and understood and was able to connect to past experiences and understand more deeply who I am and the difficulties I have faced and have begun to overcome and heal. I felt so comfortable with Anita and found her way to be very supportive which allowed me to receive and to feel empowered and so grateful to have this information made available to me.

I loved being in my own home sitting on the floor on my comfy rug and having the reading. I felt safe and cosy and astonished how intimate it felt. It felt to me as though I was being like an astronaut being given fabulous intergalactic information that was hoping to help my journey and life on earth. I loved the whole experience because it truly felt important in order to understand and embrace myself more fully. I wish I new this earlier in my life and I do so recommend it.

(Soul Plan Reading via Skype/Zoom)

Amanda Williams

It explains so much about why I love the work I do now and why I was never suitable for a corporate role.

I have found that through time I have struggled with being accepted (including accepting myself), going though bouts of depression, not knowing where I am meant to be going and trying to squeeze myself a round person into a triangle hole!

The Soul Plan Reading highlighted not only things other people have said in the past, and my astrology chart has raised but also things I was not quite aware of.

I so wish I had found this work so much earlier in my life, but everything in alignment as they say. It explains so much about why I love the work I do now and why I was never suitable for a corporate role. Also, how my name change has affected elements of my Soul Path Journey too.”

Sarah Bullock - Somatic Health Coach

What is included in your Soul Plan Reading?

Soul Plan Reading Chart - reveal your soul purpose

A reading with myself - one of the first Soul Plan Teachers taught by Blue Marsden

Preparation of you chart in advance of the session

Your session via video call (Zoom/Skype) to go through your chart which will cover how your Worldly & Spiritual talents can help you to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals in your lifetime.

Advice and action points to take to align your life path with your soul purpose.

A Soul Plan Clearing and Re-Alignment healing

A voice recording of the session and PDF of your chart (Provided digitally for you to download after the session)

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(75 minute session £97)

Frequently Asked Questions about Soul Plan Reading

What if my birth name was changed or incorrect on my birth certificate?

If there was a very early name change that has taken place then I will carry out a soul plan clarification check by looking at both name variations but having said this from the many readings which I have done where this has occurred it has still been the certificate name that has been the soul plan and may even hold the key to this life experience.

Can I have a Soul Plan Reading for my child? 

Yes. A Soul Plan Reading for a child be beneficial as it can help parents gain a deeper understanding of any issues the child may be experience and why they behave in certain ways. This can bring understanding to the family dynamics and a harmony to the family situations. A reading will also show parents what their child’s goals and talents so they can assist in supporting and guiding them in the direction that helps align with the soul purpose and utilise their talents.

How can I learn Soul Plan for myself?

I am one of the few Certified Teachers of Soul Plan Reading in the UK – having trained under Blue Marsden – you can become a professional Soul Plan Practitioner and acquire skills to help heal /empower yourself & others by taking my Soul Plan Course.

Book your reading today

(75 minute session £97)

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