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Soul Plan for Relationships

Bring awareness, understanding and healing to current or past relationships whether romantic, family or friends. Highlighting the strengths and the potential difficulties of the relationship and compatibility.

Are you struggling to understand the dynamics of a relationship – past or present?

Would you like to understand and support your partner or family member better?

Looking to find a new relationship but the past is holding you back?

A Relationship Reading helps to bring awareness and understanding of the other person at the deepest level


What is Relationship Soul Plan Reading? A relationship reading looks at the other persons soul plan in relationship to your own. It highlights the strengths and the potential difficulties that the relationship may be experiencing or in the case of past relationships helps understand what was going on for you both.

In the case of romantic relationships this goes beyond any dating service in determining relationship compatibility.

So why have a Relationship Soul Plan Reading? Our relationships are fundamental part of our lives and these interactions effect us physically, emotionally and energetically. Some relationships feel lifting and positive but other times we can struggle to understand why we feel the way we do about the behaviour or actions of the other person – whether it is a romantic partnership, family member or a friendship.

A relationship reading looks at the other persons soul plan in relationship to your own. You can gain insight into your persons potential as well as their challenges and how this may be enhancing or challenging your own soul. Awareness and understanding helps you bring out their best as well your best. But also helps you to understand the challenges they are working through so you can support them or at least not react negatively to them .

Readings are at minimum bring about and understanding and awareness but often brings about a healing of the relationship connection whether in the a past or present to make room for new relationships or dynamics.

Book your Relationship Reading 

(75 minute session £147 (£97 if you have had a full individual reading )


Frequently Asked Questions about Relationship Soul Plan Reading

What happens during a relationship reading

  • You provide your full birth name as it appeared on your birth certificate as well as that of the other person
  • In advance of your session the Soul Plan Reading process is applied both name and charts prepared and read individually and then in combination.
  • We meet  (on-line or in-person) to review your Soul Plan and the other persons followed by how the charts read together. 
  • A voice recording of the session and PDF of your Soul Plan Chart (Provided digitally for you to download after the session)

How Long Does A Relationship Soul Plan Reading Take?

Relationship sessions last about 75 minutes

How can I learn Relationship Soul Plan for myself?

Reading of Soul Plan for Relationships or Business is part of the Advanced Soul Plan Training Course, you must have take the Soul Plan Practitioner Training before you undertake this course


Book your Relationship Reading 

(75 minute session £147 (£97 if you have had a full individual reading )

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