On My Bookshelf

These are the books you will find on my bookshelf and I would recommend getting a hold of your own copy
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Soul Plan

Soul Plan: Reconnecting with your Life Purpose By Blue Marsden is essential for understanding your life at a deeper level. It is a great addition whether you have had a Soul Plan Reading or are a qualified practitioner or just want to work out your own Soul Plan. Read Full Review

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Clear Your Clutter

Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui By Karen Kingston - this is a must for your bookshelf if you want to make changes in your life then energetically clearing the clutter in your physical world allows space for you to grow and for new things to appear in your life. Read full review

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Book of Awakening

Book of Awakening by Mark Nero - this book forms part of my morning ritual by providing a small pieces of soul wisdom and insights for each day of the year and with thoughtful prompts for silent reflection at the end of each.

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