Soul Plan Reading Course (Basic Practitioner Level)

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Course Investment

With this Soul Plan Reading Training Course you become certified to offer professional Soul Plan Readings and acquire skills to help heal/empower yourself & others

Would like to understand yourself, your life and its purpose as well as that of friends and family at a deeper level?

Would you like to help others discover their life purpose and earn an income?

Are you already a therapist who wishes to expand your services and skills?

A Soul Plan Practitioner Course is suitable for everyone interested in Spiritual Development and energy - no previous experience is required. Therapists, Counsellors, Life Coaches, Healers and Teachers will want to benefit from this wonderful tool. By knowing a client's Soul Plan you can support them at a deeper level.

Soul Plan Reading is a powerful and accurate system which serves as a tool for life purpose guidance and healing by clearing of core limiting beliefs, old patterns and issues. By understanding our present incarnation and help awaken full potential for others as well as ourselves.

This is an opportunity for you to learn an invaluable system of Soul Purpose/Life purpose analysis with one of the first Soul Plan Teachers trained by Blue Marsden and acknowledged in his book Soul Plan: Reconnect with you True Life Purpose


Soul Plan Practitioner course is highly catalytic in nature

I found it validated who I know myself to be at a very deep level, rather than who I think I should be. I gained clarity and freedom to stand in my ‘power’......Anita the course across easily, efficiently and with love and humour. Anita also created a safe space for healing to occur. The Soul Plan is an extraordinary tool.

(Soul Plan Practitioner Training - London Based Course)

Mayella Reynolds Theta Healer Instructor

Register now for next course:  Date: 17/18 & 20 February 2018

Course Investment

"I found the Soul Plan Course to be very enlightening and insightful. Anita was incredibly knowledgeable and very talented." (Heather)

"I enjoyed every minute. Anita is an excellent teacher and a lovely approachable person. She explained things in an easy to understand way. Not only can I now use this powerful tool to help others, it has helped me on a personal level too! Can’t wait to put it into practice." (Tracy)

Brilliant. Absolutely would recommend this Soul Plan Course. So well explained. Thank you. (Beverley)


Frequently Asked Questions About Soul Plan Practitioner Training

How much is the course?

* The investment is £395.00 (50% deposit required to secure place & balance settled 2 weeks prior to start of course)
* All fees are non-refundable, except in the case of emergencies

Where do the courses take place?

Courses are held as Live OnlineTraining via Zoom with some in person UK based courses. If you have a group who wishes to learn then please use the Contact Form

What is covered in the course?

In an easy to learn format and during this 3-day course you will:

  • Learn how to prepare and professionally present a Soul Plan Reading
  • Analyse and understand your own Soul’s Plan, focusing on the purpose of significant events in your life
  • Understand yourself from a deeper perspective
  • Analyse the charts of willing friends, family, & partners
  • Gain confidence in channeling additional information
  • Discover methods for healing and overcoming the challenging aspects of the Soul’s Plan
  • Receive the heart transmission and initiation into the system
  • Analyse and understand your own unique Soul Plan
  • What can I expect from the achieve by taking the course

    You will become certified to offer professional Soul Plan readings (subject to certification fee) as well as receive

  • Receive advice on setting up a new Soul Plan Reading practice or how to incorporate it into your existing practice
  • Qualify for full professional indemnity insurance cover (at a preferential group rate) to practise as a Soul Plan Reader
  • Acquire skills to help heal /empower yourself & others
  • Understanding the purpose of significant relationships & events in your life
  • Connect with others and receive ongoing support via Soul Plan Forum
  • Can I just turn up for a course?

    Unfortunately not due to producing the course material and carefully balancing group dynamics. But I can usually accommodate last minute bookings so please Contact Me

    What if I want more information?

    For more information on the course use this Contact Form


    Course Investment

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