Advanced Soul Plan Practitioner Course

This course takes your Soul Plan Practitioner training to the next level of understanding

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Date: 1st/2nd April 2017 (2 day)
Location: Live Online Training
Fee: £265 GBP

(Prerequisite: Must have completed Soul Plan Practitioner Training)

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You have learnt to read yours and others soul plans and offer these as professional readings but what about the current name they are using? What influence is that having?

How is the relationship between two peoples effecting each other at Soul Plan Level? Could they understand and support each other better?

And what about those businesses being set up by those living their soul plan.

The Advanced Soul Plan Course adds an additional deeper aspect to Soul Plan Reading by providing the ability to read Soul Plan Charts for a persons overlay names such as the name they use every day or their married name or even their spiritual name. With this course you learn to read two peoples soul plan charts together in relation to each other. This goes further than just compatibility matching - it brings healing and understanding so is a very valuable service that a Soul Plan Practitioner can offer to their client. You will also learn how to help businesses choose a business name that send the right vibrations to attract customers and work with their own soul plan. Additionally you will learn how to help a person to choose an optimised name to help them overcome challenges and work towards their goals.
Thank you Anita for holding and facilitating such an engaging, safe and bright learning “space”........... The course was paced perfectly to match my ability to take it in and I had a really enjoyable energy exchange. I would definitely recommend you as a coach or teacher for those interested in experiencing a beautifully receptive and intuitive coach or course facilitator.Joseph C (Austrailia)
Many thanks for a fascinating day on overlays, beautifully shared. Patricia G
Thank you Anita D Marshall for connecting us to the SP Energies and bringing us a step forward. I enjoyed the nice vibes of the group and your explanations with smilie Ester R

Frequently Asked Questions About Advanced Soul Plan Training

How much is the course?

* The investment is £265.00 (50% deposit required to secure place & balance settled 2 weeks prior to start of course) * All fees are non-refundable, except in the case of emergencies

Where do the courses take place?

Courses are held in UK or online with Live Training via Skype. My primary locations are London and Bedfordshire but if you have a group who wishes to learn then please use the Contact Form

What is covered in the course?

In an easy to learn format and during this 2-day course you will:
  • Learn how to prepare and read charts for Overlay Names
  • Learn how to prepare and read charts for two people in a relationship - romantic, family, friends or even in business
  • Learn how to prepare and read charts for a Business Name
  • Analyse and understand your own Soul’s Plan, focusing on the purpose of significant events in your life
  • What can I expect from the achieve by taking the course

    You will become certified to offer professional Soul Plan readings for Relationships, Businesses and Overlays(subject to certification fee) as well as receive
  • Understanding the purpose of significant relationships & events in your life
  • Connect with others and receive ongoing support via Advanced Soul Plan Forum
  • Can I just turn up for a course?

    Unfortunately not due to producing the course material and carefully balancing group dynamics. But I can usually accommodate last minute bookings so please Contact Me

    What if I want more information?

    For more information on the course use this Contact Form

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