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When predictions come true……What about the book? I see a book….

Palm-Reading-365LifeShiftI last sat opposite Leticia in August 2012 when during my palm reading with her she said ‘you have 1 child with a second an option’.  3 years later with my Rainbow Child* playing a short distance away with his daddy,  I am once again seeking an answer to the number of children that show in my hand now that I have my child. I had no other thoughts other than the answer to that question……I had suffered two more miscarriages and I wanted to hear from someone else that if I  pregnant time that I would be blessed with a child and not another heart aching loss.

So when she said ‘What about the book?’ it was a little unexpected. It took a moment for me to reply…I don’t know about any book and to be honest not sure what I would write about….. She simple said ‘I see you writing a book’. I was intrigued but afterwards I forgot about it as my heart focus was on children.

I guess I should not have been surprised to receive a soulful newsletter from Jodi Chapman in April 2016 asking for contributors to their next 365 series book. Even more amazing it was asking for stories about ‘Life Shifts’. A Journey Into Soul actually came about because one of those pivotal moments that change everything. Leticia’s prediction came flooding back to me…..her accuracy is becoming uncanny.

21st February 2017 will now be a date that I will remember because it was the day when I became an author but one thing missing from  Letitia’s prediction of a book was that it would be an actually be International No1 best seller.

So I feel totally blessed to be telling  you about this  brand-new book in the 365 Book Series365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments that Changed Everything. It contains 365 inspiring true-life stories (one for every day of the year) from over 250 beautiful souls sharing their personal stories and life changing moment. This bestselling book is filled with over 450 pages of positive, loving energy, and I know it will uplift and encourage readers.

My first piece, Letting Go Of Safe Sadness, tells of how the universe came be a kick up the butt to leave my unfulfilling job in IT and follow my dream.

More To Life than Medicine, is about my journey into motherhood and holding onto belief despite the challenges. In this one you will find out the answer to my question of more children….

I feel totally blessed and grateful because throughout the journey into become an author I was lovingly supported and guided by two beautiful souls Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck. Thanks and gratitude to them.

Click HERE to learn more and to order 365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments that Changed Everything which is available now. Additionally 70 bonus gifts you’ll get for FREE if you buy your copy now.


Light and Happiness

Anita – Published Author 🙂

*Rainbow child is a child born after a miscarriage/loss


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