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Wave of Light – Break the Silence on miscarriage and infant loss

wave-of-light-lighting-a-candle-for-miscarriage-webIt is at times of crisis that some aptly timed words of wisdom can make all the different. During October there is a Miscarriage and Infant Loss Awareness Week and on the 15th October around the world candles of light are lit for the little ones that we never got to hold and cuddle or only for a brief time.

It was during the time that I was suffering another miscarriage, my third in fact and with each loss goes the hopes for the future but also the questions and search for answers to why?

With my last miscarriage I did things differently I gave myself time and space needed to heal both emotionally and physically. I cleared my diary. I allowed my grief and sadness to be expressed as it needed to be…through tears…I cried a lot but also through my art and also through allowing myself to be quiet and still – previously I had immersed myself in busyness but this time I fell into stillness and contemplation.

There are no words than can make the loss any less but I did receive some wonderful insightful words from a student that somehow reconnected me and allowed me to re-centre myself;

‘Some souls just need to experience the confirms of a womb however briefly’

I could very easily say why choose me? but my journey’s and learnings have shown me that I may not understand the universes plan for me but with each difficulty and challenge there is is an opportunity for soul growth. So instead of feeling sorry of myself so I looked at each as a gift for my soul to grow in potential. I may not understand but these souls felt that I could help in someway and there are clues to this in the energies of my own Soul Plan which I came to realise after my last miscarriage.

I thank the universe and the little souls for helping me understand and fulfil my soul plan more.

With this awareness and combined with an energy shift during learning and receiving a Soul Transformation Therapy Session I am now blessed to hold my new baby during the day of Wave of Light.

Miscarriage is so often kept in silence because no one knew you were pregnant in the first place or those that have not been their think that it was not really a baby but it is and was to you, it was also hope and so much more.

Today is about breaking the silence – I am choosing to share in hopes it will help others.

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