Tuning Into Prosperity!

red purse-webProsperity and abundance is being banded around the air wares like there is not tomorrow and there is courses popping up everywhere. Needless to say I have found myself doing one! The one I choose was by Rachel Elnaugh from Source TV, and her program was Affluence 2015.

It was offered at the initial launch as Pay What You Can Afford. It resonated because it did not feel like it was just another course aimed at making money for the person running it – it felt like it was being offered with genuine service and authenticity. So I am very happy to say having completed the course I am glad I followed by intuition because for 15 days I received daily doses of inspiration for affluence and I learnt about the 14 Jewels of Prosperity.

I loved that the course was that is was energy orientated – not just about action and how to make money. This was about changing your energies and focus around money, prosperity and abundance. It is about enhancing your connection with source and trusting in the abundance of the universe and your personal energies.

I loved the remind that what you focus on grows – so change your focus from being about how little money you have or your debts…we definitely do not want them growing!

The input from courses that come along like this are great whether you are just starting your journey into soul connection or well down the line. Because this is ultimately what we are referring to is coming into soul connection!

On the physical level one change I have made has been to invest in a purse of prosperity and abundance. The Chinese colour for wealth is red and gold, so I exchanged by old make shift purse for a new red one without actually spending a penny! I had some vouchers from a birthday for a store I rarely shop at but now felt time to use them. My new purse arrived two days later and with great ceremony I transferred by money but importantly no clutter – no receipts, no old cards…..Rachel’s suggestion to have some foreign currency notes so your purse is never empty resonated so I now have some Euro Notes and Dollars along with some Chinese Feng Shui Prosperity Coins. I set the intention that  this new purse would remain clear of the stack of old receipts that usually frequent my purse which means been a little more organised and clearing them out at least once a week – on a day that has become fondly referred to as Financial Friday! And the intention it would never be empty of money.

2 weeks later an unexpected cheque in the post for £20. One of things covered is appreciating the small gifts not chasing the big amounts. So I have decided to donate half of this to Wateraid in gratitude for the course content, which is the suggestion Rachel made at the end of the course.

The fee for the course has now been fixed at £15, and you can find it on Source TV website here


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