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Learning about Letting Go with the Autumn Season

Learning about Letting go with the Autumn SeasonSo the turn of the Earth Cycle continues we officially entered into Autumn season. This can be a great time to take a check in on our mind set, traditionally it is viewed as the season that leads to the darkness of winter and so often this is […]

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On the way to work…..You can still Meditate!

As I walked to the train station early Sunday morning most of the world still seemed to be in their slumbers, the streets were empty apart from a solitary ‘more mature’ gentleman taking the opportunity to walk his equally ‘more mature’ dog in the quietness of the watery, winter sunshine which streamed through gaps between […]

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Benefits on Meditation – Article in The Times

Interesting article on the benefits of meditation: Meditation can alter brain structure and reduce stress Barbara Lantin Kathy Sykes, a Bristol University professor, has long known that if she does not find at least 30 minutes a day in her frantically overcrowded schedule to lie down and listen to music, she is grumpier, more tired […]

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