Strawberry Moon (June Full Moon)

wild-strawberry-moonThe full moon of June is called Strawberry Full Moon, because in this month the fruit of this plant in Northern America ripens. The Seneca, an indigenous North American tribe, suggest that the strawberry represents rebirth since they are the first fruit to ripen and soon other fruits would appear too so it was the start of a time of abundance.   This month therefore can also associated with particularly good health.

From some Pagan traditions the red heart shaped fruit represents friendship and love, particularly in celebrations with food.

So this can be a good month to focus your intentions on creating abundance in all aspects but particularly around health, friendships and love. Maybe make time to have a celebration around food not forgetting the strawberries! – have friends around for a healthy feast or make time for eating a special meal with someone you love especially if you have let any of these aspects slip in recent month’s because this is the time for rebirth/restart after all.

There is the potential for the full moon of June to fall on the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the time of the longest day of sunshine. A time symbolic of the light of our consciousness shining more brightly in our awareness. As well as a time of great potential and renewal. It can add additionally potency to the manifesting power of a full moon if they fall togetther.

Strawberry Full Moon Blessings


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