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The ripple effect of Random Acts of Kindness

no such thing as a small act of kindness

What is a Random Act of Kindness?

Maybe you have heard about Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs)….do you know about the ripple effect they have? I think the word random belies the impact these beautiful acts have and personally prefer spontaneous act of kindness but terminology aside they are what makes the world a better place….  

The definition of a Random Acts of Kindness is one of true generosity, an act of giving without expectation, with no need to be repaid or receive reward in any form.

Why are so important? 

How lovely is life…what a beautiful reminder of our universal heart chakra and soul oneness when you experience a selfless random acts of kindness, when to be honest we are living in an increasingly reward driven gratification seeking society. The news and social media rarely reports such goodness preferring focus on more negative acts that promotes a mind-set all actions should be viewed with mistrust and the questioning of the ulterior motive.

The Global Heart Chakra affect of acts of kindness

The ripple effect on the heart chakra

But I can wholeheartedly say there are truly selfless kind acts because as I have been in receipt of them. Before I share my own experience I want to express why these are RAKs are so important for society and the world as a whole for there is an unseen potential that even one small act can have to  make a more healthy and happier society. How? Apart from the obvious first hand benefits to the receiver and the feel good factor to the giver – did you realise that these random acts of kindness actually have a contagious quality.  Such acts of kindness have a  heart chakra opening quality on the person receiving, this opening has a positive effect on their own generosity threshold so when the opportunity arises they are more likely to carry out a Random Act of Kindness themselves – thereby passing on the energy of kindness which then can be passed on to someone else. This the Kindness ripple effect.

The Kindness Ripple effect in action

A drive-thru windows at Starbucks in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 2014 experienced this phenomena well as a women in the morning spontaneously bought the coffee for the car behind her and it started a pay it forward chain that became 378 cars deep by the end of the day. This just shows the power of one simple generous act can have – the ripple effect.

Can you do Random Acts of Kindness?

You may feel we have little to offer, but we all have something we can give – whether it is a simple smile, kind words or actions – these are not dependent on the balance of our bank account or number of your material possessions we own. We all have these things we need within each and every one of us.

In the new book I contributed to Goodness Abounds, I actually share  two stories of being on the receiving end of exactly this type of kindness and even now 11 and 10 years later the effect remains with me.

In my story “Thank you for stopping” it was the kind words I received from a total stranger when I was in emotional distress whilst waiting for train that means I am now willing to offer similar words of comfort and support to strangers. It is now over 11 years since this encounter the moment is held lovingly in my heart .

Random Acts of Kindness - Thank you for stopping
Random Acts of Kindness - Road to Goodness

The scooter photo is a clue to my story of kindness in the act of Action which can be found in piece I share in a "Road to Goodness" 

Never underestimate the impact of a single act of kindness…. It costs nothing but can mean absolutely everything.

To be inspired by mine or 363 other stories of beautiful generosity and kindness then Get your copy of Goodness Abounds:  http://bit.ly/goodnessaboundsbook

Goodness Abounds Book - Stories of Acts of Kindness

Do you have your own story of a random act of kindness you would like to share? Comment below with your experience....

Light and Blessings


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