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My Best Oracle Cards Decks

I just wanted to share with you my favourite Oracle Cards decks from my selection and why. If you follow me on facebook then you know that I love to post a weekly Oracle Card Guidance.  Oracle (or Tarot cards) are a great launch pad to accessing your inner wisdom and intuition as well as giving you insights into what you need to explore in your life right now - how best to focus your energies.

Oracle differ from Tarot in that Tarot is a fixed format of 78 cards whereas Oracle cards can come as any number of cards and generally maybe a little simpler for beginners to soul guidance/divination to interpret. Oracle Cards often come with little books with some interpretations that the author envisioned but this is only a guide - you tune into your own intuition to understand the meaning of the card in relation to yourself or another person's situation.

I have included buy links to Amazon in case you want to get a set of the cards for yourself.

Gaia Oracle Cards

by Toni Carmine Salerno

This was one of the first oracle decks I purchased and still one of my favourite.  45 beautiful cards created by the intuitive artist Toni Carmine Salerno. I love the earthly spirituality of these cards - images that that interweave nature and often the divine feminine form that leave intuitive interpretations beyond the the card name and guidance words. The guide book give a lovely insightful expanded interpretation for those beginners  to oracle card reading and I particular love the Affirmation for each card.

As a little side note: This set may not be for everyone as they many cards contain tastefully drawn naked feminine human form.

Earth Magic Oracle Cards

By Steven D Farmer

This is my newest edition to my oracle card collection selection and made it straight into my favourites.  Earthly Spirituality - from Earth Cycles, Earth Features and Elements - are the focus for this 48 card oracle deck. Beautiful inspiring images allow deeper interpretation through intuition beyond the card name and simple one word prompt. These cards are both suited to beginner or advanced readers of cards. They are rapidly becoming my first port of call cards for my own daily guidance.

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

By Doreen Virtue

I love the energy of these 44 cards using powerful feminine beings from various traditions - Greek Tibetan, Mayan, Celtic and many more. Bringing the touch of the divine feminine magic to readings. These messages are really good for beginners with clear messages on the card themselves. The accompanying book gives deeper interpretations and meaning to the cards especially if you are not acquainted with the divine being depicted. If you are a more intuitive reader then you may find this too much information. I often turn to these cards when my situations are arising that make it more difficult to tune into my intuition and need a quick clear guidance.

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

by Toni Hartman

My collection would not be complete with wisdom from the Chakra's - such a passion of mine. 49 cards with with the positive and negative aspects of the 7 Chakras. Each card has a strong image that leaves room for interpretation but you can get a the tale for the image from the guide book. The cards have a simple one word prompt which once again allow room for intuitive readings and the border of the cards indicate the chakra that the cards is for focus for.

I love the guide book for the Self Enquiry prompts and meditation prompts for each card - these cards can be great as journalling prompts as well as soul guidance. The are very correctly described as a spiritual toolkit.

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards

By Doreen Virtue

The 44 cards in this deck are all firmly in the Angelic Realm. I am more of a earth elements girl but these cards are in my list because I find them great to for giving me guidance as a Lightworker and in my business even if I do not resonate as strongly with the imagery as some of my other decks - the clear messages and guidance on each card as well as the action steps suggested in the guidebook. This I feel is my best set for guidance in my work or related to me and my work. For those drawn to work with angels then they are a lovely card set especially once again for beginners.

Energy Oracle Cards

by Sandra Anne Taylor

This 53 oracle card set has lovely strong imagery combined with a single word prompts gives a lot of potential for deeper intuitive interpretations. The guide book gives deeper meanings including if the card fall in the reverse position - which is similar to tarot cards. I personally do not work with the reverse position of a card but if you are called then this can add a extra dimension to readings. I love the affirmations that each card has with these cards. It is the beautiful detailed imagery that really make these cards for me.

Soul Transformation Therapy Cards

These are not strictly Oracle Cards or even available on the high street but cards that are used by Soul Transformation Therapist like myself use to look at the current life blockages for the soul. They are the cards I will use for myself if I am struggling with an issue as they get right to the core of the issue. I also use them for members of my Radiant Soul Seekers Community of Facebook in a similar way to Oracle Cards so they had to make it onto my favourites list. There are 22 Soul Plan Energy cards which are read as a pair to identify the core issue - read on their own they can give insight but combined in a Soul Transformation Therapy session where the issue is cleared through intervention techniques then the results are amazing.

If you want to experience the cards for your self then book a Soul Transformation Therapy Session

Soul Transformation Cards
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