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Growing through our challenges in Life

Growing through our challenges in life

Our challenges in life are their to give us an opportunity for spiritual growth...and the journey to overcome them can be amazing rich experience. Running my first webinar the other week was a big step for me…..  in my younger years I held back from doing anything that would make me visible and being the focus of attention simply made me want to run and hide. I preferred to spend my time with books and seeking knowledge (my sage/explorer archetype influence). I loved sharing my insights with people in one to one conversations though few at this tender age were actually interested.

Like jigsaw pieces falling into place

During my soul wisdom seeking I learnt about the amazing system of Soul Plan, it was like jigsaws of piece falling into place….it was like an activation. There was a soul calling, firstly a whisper then a definite call that things needed to change in my life...

Every challenge is an opportunity..

My challenges in life – part of which included being generally under-assertive in my life and naturally wanting to hang back, being more comfortable with remaining on the outer edges of things. My my natural abilities (talents) were actually my great thirst for knowledge and desire to share meant that I could not live and stay in the challenges. These gifts were leading me in a direction to meet my soul destiny - the soul call was to become a teacher of spiritual knowledge.

My challenges not yet worked though held me back. Soul plan was accurate for myself in every other aspect but it was also having amazing results for my clients that I had done readings for so when Blue Marsden approached me to become one of the first Soul Plan Teacher he wanted to train in the powerful system of so guidance I agreed. I trusted the guidance of the soul plan energies that I could do it.

Feeling alive and awake for the first time in my working life....

After becoming a teacher I taught my first course to a small group of 4 students…I felt my soul lighting up and I felt alive, awake for the first time in my working life. I have since taught many courses and qualified many students to become Soul Plan Practitioners and each and every time I teach…my soul sings with joy. This is what living your life aligned with your soul purpose is about – there is a joy when you work – it is not about any financial reward or fame but abundance naturally follows just as quote from Deepak Chopra I used in the webinar said:

"it’s only when a person creatively contributes to the world and serves others by sharing their unique talents and gifts that true abundance results."

Becoming a Teacher

I am now comfortable with my soul purpose calling and to call myself a teacher - it has taken a while to grow through my challenges but my soul has been calling me to align more and more. I can even now an International Teacher from running my live online soul plan courses to students around the world (including Australia, India, South Africa, USA, Germany). And if I was in any doubt then receiving feedback like these about my teaching of my Soul Plan Course  reaffirms my path…

"The course was an amazing experience, very insightful. I would definitely recommend it.

This was my first experience of an live online study , and it was wonderful. The group energies were very good. Anita is an excellent teacher, very patient, understanding, her way of explaining made everything very simple. (Seema)"

Online Soul Plan Course

Our soul chooses to experience life challenges because it wants to experience spiritual growth and the best way for it to do this is by working through the lessons that our challenges in life provide. My challenges are mild and pretty average compared to some - just look at the amazing accomplishments of some people with great challenges - Stephen Hawkins for example manages to share great insights to the world despite the restrictions of his physical body. Never use your challenges as an excuse not to do something ... find your gifts and then find a way to use them to over your challenge ... this is the foundations of your Soul's Plan to grow. 

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