When you don’t deal with unpleasant feelings…..

meditation-grief-processingWell it has been a few month’s since I posted. I would love to say that I had been retreating somewhere but actually I had to take some time to honour my body’s need for healing time. Sometimes we push on with our projects and endeavours through adverse situations that are happening to us and around us. Sometimes it can help to have things to focus on but often it can also be a way to avoid the intensity of how we are feeling and emotions that are bubbling up for us.

I am afraid I was guilty of this and the result was that all that turbulent emotional energy that was not been listened to, dealt with or given space to be honoured for what it was had nowhere to go and eventually ended becoming energetically locked in my physical body. Without flow and outlet the energy stagnates eventually manifested as physical illness and lots of pain!

I begrudgingly postponed my client sessions and courses as the physical symptoms overwhelmed. Initially  trying to push through one teaching and realising I could not be effective and truly hold the space that not only others would expect of me but I expected of myself.

The freed up time gave me some time for self care and to really look at the situation I had been hiding from … between being a mother of a young child and running my business means this come self care and ‘Me’ time often if I am lucky comes third place at the best.

I teach about the importance of self care and ‘Me’ time and yes I was doing it but not to the level that my body and soul needed to process what I had been through.  What I really needed was time to come to terms with my loss, it was my miscarriage last year that was laying heavy on my soul and my body but I never gave myself the time and space to grieve.

It’s my hope that in sharing that that it will help others to be present for their life experiences as they happen rather than using distractions to hide away with the anticipation that you will make time to deal with it later. Because when we fail to deal with or distract ourselves from dealing from unpleasant emotions and situations then these can become locked and stagnating energy patterns that effect our physical body.

My recommendation

Make Time – forget the ‘To Do List’ and ‘The Shoulds’

You and Your Emotions deserve time and space

Be present and simply be with the unpleasant feelings as they arise


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