Amazing Times – One World Journey through the 12 Ascension Chakras

This week on 12.12.12 I attended the One World Celebration in London where 1200 people came together in unity and “heartfelt coherence” to be bathed in Sound, Light and Spiritual Connection as we took a Journey though the 12 Ascension Chakras.

The journey started with the more widely known 7 Chakras, firstly visiting the Base and Sacral Chakras in the deep resonant sounds of the didgeridoo and drums, followed by earth music and poetry. Chants of OMs from 1200 unique and beautiful voices moved us on to the next pair of chakras. On a liberating current we travelled through the Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

1200 unique voices come together in unity


But soon we were travelling outside the  3rd Dimensional 7 Chakra System that come from the ancient Vedic teachings of India.

It is only in recent times have we have been introduced to the concept of a HIGHER CHAKRA SYSTEM from various sources – this information is new and still quite varied as it is being channelled by various sources. The additional chakras vary among teachers.

The ones we travelled though at 12.12.12 One World were Universal Heart, Earth Star, Galactic Heart and Steller Gateway. We encountered the wonderful world of these new chakras in a creative vision of music, movement and light. The following Chakras seem to remain constant between teachers of the new system.










12 Lights of Ascension











Earth Star is about our connection to planetary consciousness; this chakra brings us awareness of the Earth as a living entity and is located below our feet in our auric field. It is here we align our soul’s purpose within the physical plane.


Soul Star – is where we connect with the Spiritual Realm and through which our soul takes physical body at the time of incarnation. It is located in our auric field above our Crown Chakra. Your Soul Star is the quintessential integration point between the Universe and your own light body. It is at the Soul Star chakra where we work at an individual level for the greater good of the whole.

Stellar Gateway – is the Portal that connects the Soul to the Divine Source. It is when we work with from this chakra can we as humans truly comprehend our oneness with source and enter the mulidimensional. We are creating Heaven on Earth. When we move into the Stellar Gateway energy, it is not individuals working for the greater good of the whole but we work together for the greater good of the whole.

The evening culminated in a Sound Wash from massive Gong that had stood silently, in splendid magnificence watching over the proceedings. As its resonant sound vibrations rang out…..we came together in unity.


Breath deeply and feel your heart

Now is the time to be present

Feel the light within

Brighter than a million suns

As we become one

(words from the Event’s programme)

Let us start the journey into unity, peace and oneness.

Light and Happiness to All

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