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Hi, I am Anita

The best way to describe me is a creative soul that loves running courses and working with those that wish to reconnect with their soul and align with soul purpose. I don't profess to be an expert in all things spiritual but I am honest and love to share my knowledge, experiences and insights.

My creative side loves photography and creating affirmations and soul wisdom pieces to inspire whilst my training means that I love to help motivate the change and transformation process to being soul guided. I am especially drawn to the wonderful world we live in and Mother Nature as my spiritual temple and inspiration for the work I do.

If we are talking qualifications then have trained as a Life Coach, Spiritual Counsellor, Holistic Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner/Master as well as Soul Plan Reader/Teacher.

So how did I get here...

I haven't always being doing what I am now...it took one bereavement, one health crisis and a big universal kick to make the change in my life.

I worked in a job that I had lost any interest in for many years longer than I should of (I am big on the should thing but this is one of those occasions where it is warranted!). The long work days became a long battle with myself and with no love for the the work and the high pressure nature of the role meant my health suffered. Then the loss of my grandfather and the family crisis around this was the final straw...my health crumbled and to follow was a stark warning if I carried on as I did then a stroke was possible even in my early 30's. (That magically Soul Plan period of engaging in your Spiritual Path!). It meant a big reassessment of my life was needed.

I knew a big change was required and the universe supported me wonderfully to a new life that felt aligned with my inner self and soul purpose. Read more about My Personal Journey Into Soul .

One orang-utan adoption, one resigning , 16 months of soul nurturing travel, several volunteer roles, lots of studies into complementary therapies including the ancient Vedic teaching of Ayurveda and the Japanese Self Healing teachings of Reiki and lots and lots of wonderful encounters with some amazing people and teachers lead me to realise the importance of balancing all aspects to life using mind, body and spirit for wholeness for health and for well being.

On returning to the UK I studied Life Coaching and Spiritual Counselling at the Holistic Healing College in London and on qualifying I set up A Journey Into Soul and from these early tentative beginnings things have blossomed.

And Now

After my initial training I was given an opportunity to become one of the first Soul Plan Teachers in the UK to be trained by Blue Marsden, founder of this wonderful system of life and soul guidance that clarified and gave me so much understanding of myself and life during my early training. And later to become a teacher of Life Coaching at the Holistic Healing College. I also combined training with my learning from my travel to create and teach a meditation and coaching program around the Chakras.

I now run courses alongside my main practice to help and motivate soul connection and guidance:

Soul Plan Practitioner Training

Advanced Soul Plan Training

Sound and Drumming Workshops

A Meditative Journey through the Chakras

Additionally I am a Mother and have found this has been one of the greatest learning journeys...an will shortly be creating a program to aid mothers to maintain a connection with their soul wisdom during those early days of the all consuming world of parenthood.

The things I love…..

My gorgeous family

Waking up in the morning to see the sun streaming through the window - my 4-4 soul plan energy is totally energised by sunshine.

Meditation - I love walking meditations and mantra meditations...

Photography and travel - capturing the wonderful world we live in and the rich tapestry of lives interwoven into images as a frozen moment in time.

Nature - this is my spiritual temple. Walking in nature...the sounds, the feeling, the smells, the changing seasons and wonderful teacher and inspirer.

Positive Thinking - I LOVE, love, love affirmations for creating and changing mind sets.

The smell of incense drifting through my home, from temples, in those interesting shops full of wonderful interesting items from around the world....warm fresh cooked bread, the wet earth after the rains, walking barefoot, colourful dragonflies, the sound of the sea lapping against the shore, autumn leaves, the first sight of untouched snowfall......

And did I mention my gorgeous family!

Spiritual Life and Business Coach & Soul Plan Teacher

About A Journey Into Soul

A Journey Into Soul was channelled to me whilst taking part in a Women's Drumming Circle in a Mongolian Yurt during the full moon in deepest, depths of ....a town in Hertfordshire, UK! I had been trying to choose a business name....during the highly meditation crescendo of drumming the name A Journey Into Soul was channelled to me. Being a Soul Plan Practitioner at the time I rushed home to check the energies..perfect...as only it could be from a channelled name. So A Journey Into Soul was born and also so perfect because it described by travels and how I felt about them.

A Journey Into Soul has blossomed and grown. As well as being my practice name it has become my sacred space to share and help others connect with their inner wisdom, motivate change and align with life and soul purpose.

A Journey Into Soul is based in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, UK but with the power of Skype my sessions and courses are available Worldwide.


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