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Welcome Lovely Soul

I believe you are here because you have been guided......

Maybe because you feel lost, like something is missing

Because you are searching for deeper meaning and to make sense of your life​.

Maybe you are stuck in a life or job that doesn't resonate with you.

Or simply looking find clarity that you are on the right path already....

You are ready to connect with your fulfilled abundant life and shine as you are being called to do....

Hi, I am Anita

I am a Soul Awareness Coach, Soul Plan Teacher, Writer, Mother, Nature Hippy (and more!).

Ultimately I am a Seeker of Soul Wisdom and Knowledge who loves to share what I have learnt so far from my own journey into soul connection.

I love helping beautiful souls like you to make those Soulful Life Shifts to your fulfilled abundant life

By empowering you

to reconnect with your beautiful true essence

Helping you to discover why you are here

by finding your life purpose

By clearing the blocks

to connecting with authentic inner self and your soul plan

And earn a living in a way that fills your soul (and our bank account)

This is your invitation to take an inner journey of discovery.......

Where ever you are in your life right now is fine because it is the perfect start point for change....

Let's do it together this is my online sacred space to provide support and soul inspiration to help lovely souls like you to make to those soulful life changes so that you can can blossom your Radiant Soul and Abundant Life.

Light and Happiness

Anita Founder of A Journey Into Soul

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What others are saying......


Anita is seriously amazing.

Today she was able to do for me in 75 minutes (maybe less) what other healers, therapists, friends, family, doctors, etc. haven’t come close to doing in years. She is so sweet, kind and patient –which put me quickly at ease.

(Soul Transformation Session via Skype/Zoom)


I love Anita's teaching style. It flows organically while sticking to the structure.

Concepts where explained clearly and was easy to follow. The teaching happened at a good pace and it did not feel rushed at all. I loved the course and I love Anita's energy and teaching. I highly recommend the course and Anita. That was brilliant! Thank you.

(Online Advanced Soul Plan Course Student)

Markus van der Westhuizen Natural Health Practitioner

Soul Plan Practitioner course is highly catalytic in nature

I found it validated who I know myself to be at a very deep level, rather than who I think I should be. I gained clarity and freedom to stand in my ‘power’......Anita the course across easily, efficiently and with love and humour. Anita also created a safe space for healing to occur. The Soul Plan is an extraordinary tool.

(Soul Plan Practitioner Training - London Based Course)

Mayella Reynolds Theta Healer Instructor

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